Facebook Not Building A Phone

>No Facebook employee is actually on an assembly line building phone hardware. There are two things I like about the AllThingsD (or as John Gruber likes to call them “some website”) report on the “Facebook Phone”. 1) The complete and utter lack of any link to or mention of TechCrunch even though we broke this story over a year ago. Do they have new information? Yes, namely the codename, “Buffy”, and the partnership with HTC. But it is the same project, as they even acknowledge: “Although it has changed scope and leadership, Buffy has been an ongoing area of concern at the social networking giant for the past two years.” 2) While Facebook denied the project at the time of our report, there’s no question it has been real the entire time. I’m going to stick by what I wrote last September: Facebook Is Not Working On A Phone Just Like Google Was Not Working On A Phone. In that post, I outlined exactly what these new reports suggest. Namely that Facebook has been working on their own version of Android with social deeply ingrained — which Dan Frommer was first to point out on Business Insider also over a year ago, and I reiterated hearing this past February. And working with a third-party to manufacturer the hardware (again, HTC).

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